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Text for Page 047 [11-02-1849]

              out the  Wenham.	   Evening with Wing � purchased a
stove and pipe,�fixing� the same.
  3. Saturday.  Letter from Cary and Hart, declining �Cholera �
and suggesting �Mose� as mentioned by me to them.     Afternoon to
the American Tract Society.    Childs � [word crossed out] � Fresh disagree-
ables.   Got $9 � half price. Roberts brother in law, a young
fellow there detests the transaction and Childs for it � considering him
a humbug and liar � and that he produced drawings not done by
him^|self| and assumed the merit.   Indignantly sympathetic with me, and
�sure Roberts would have liked the drawings.� So think I. /
Went to the Bowery � Tailor there.  Then to Christopher Street and
the Greatbatchs, where I learnt to my surprise that Joe has been in
New York all the time since his last arrival, ill, or entertaining
the resolve and fervent belief that he is so. He�s at Duane
Square.  Mr. Greatbatch and the boys. I always have the warm-
er welcome from the latter.  Won�t call again for a month or more.
Left and to the Bowery Schnieders. Over coat not arrived � so
strolled into the �Bowery Fancy fair�   Wheels of Fortune, where by
payment of a shilling you may win something ingeniously useless which
might be worth six pence. Lowther Arcade articles. Ordinary look-
ing girls in cotton, housemaid looking frocks.   Lots of pictures hanging
about. And at the end of the room some twenty or thirty volumes
of old books.  Latin, French and German, besides English. Fun
to see half a dozen �Bowery b�hoys� grinning over an antique               
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