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Text for Page 028 [02-09-1852]

              Woodward out of town.     Then to
Wall Street.  Then Swinton and Fay�s
then to dinner.     Out again in the
afternoon.  To Lockingtons.  With him
through the mud to White Street,
where Astrologer Roback lives, who
having offered $4 for the Magic block
we decided to sell it, of course.  But
there were 15 or 20 women waiting the
rascal�s leisure, to be conjured with, so
we came away.
  10.  Tuesday.  Lockington came with
$3 from Roback.    Halved it �
had mutural beer and pie.     Worked
all day, 9 comic initials, four rebusses
and drawing.    To Reveille, and to
Strongs � Got $11  from  latter.               
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