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Text for Page 232 [02-09-1863]

                 Establishment of the
who knew Ripley, had some employments
at the Custom-House and corresponded
with the Evening Post.    He went off with
Tracy, sub-editor of the Delta, and a very
good fellow, though he couldn�t make up
his mind to abolition yet.        Hamilton up.
To the St Charles; met Ripley; got note
from Howell, dated on the 4th � nothing
doing at Baton Rouge.     In Schell�s room,
and my own, scoring up diary.     Afternoon
hither and thither.      Much talk of the sup-
pression of the Delta, or rather of its change
of name and editorship.    I have no doubt
that the main reason for it was that Gen.
Banks wanted an organ for the promulga-
tion of his intentions, but a very considerable
minor one was the republication of the article
from the Boston Post, ridiculing Clarke and
Irwin, two of the most insufferable beasts
and puppies I have ever known.   It was a
scr scurrilous article, but everybody chuckled
over it.      At the Southern Restaurant I
presently met A. G. Hills, who, supping with
me stated that he and his New York name-
sake would henceforth conduct the Delta
under its new name of The Era.     I was
not altogether unprepared for the announ-
[cement], knowing A. C.�s �lobbying� nature               
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