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Text for Page 233 [02-09-1863]

                 �New Orleans Era.�
On the way out, he had intrigued for a cap-
taincy under Gen. Hamilton � poor Hamil-
ton who, a week ago, had sailed for the North
again, disgusted and disappointed at nothing
being attempted for Texas.    At Baton Rouge
A. C. aspired to the editorship of the Comet
newspaper, a �one-horse� concern, more dead
than alive; hence he abandoned that project.
Returned to New Orleans, he courted Banks
and Irwin till he got the Lieutenant-Colonel-
cy of a newly-raised negro regiment, � from
which office he was �detailed� to edit the
new paper over the head of poor A. G. �
who, a Boston man and an acquaintance of
Banks, yet took his disappointment very
meekly.  He was to be Lieut^|en|ant [word crossed out] in
A. C.�s regiment.      Back to hotel.   In
my own room or Ripleys, here and there,
scribbling.    By 9 came the two Hills; A. C.
bent on overpowering us with the knowledge
of his new position.      As we had got nothing
of course we chaffed him on his acquisitive-
nessm which he didn�t half-like.    Whittaker
in Ripley�s room.    Writing.     With Schell,
Hayes and A. G. out for oysters and drinks
about midnight.
  10.  Tuesday.   Schell came to my bed-
side with a wild report about the cap[unclear word]               
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