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Text for Page 029 [02-10-1852]

              Called at Swinton and Fay�s.  Had an
oyster stew at Shelleys, back to Frank-
lin and bed.
  11.  Wednesday.  Suicidal day.
Almighty wet and London like.  Mud
and drizzle.   Down town during the greater
part of the day; at the Lantern Office, at
Lockingtons, saw Holbrook, at Swinton and
Fay�s &c.  Afternoon up comes a boy from
Strongs, needing me at the store.  Down to him, � to
write a page extra for Notions. Weldon being sick.
Met Alf Waud and Lockington.  Back to Franklin
Street with the former.   Had a pie supper, then
to the �Bowery,�  and investing shillings for Goodall�s
benefit, entered the pit amid the Newsboys, and
no-coated gentry.   The house was densely crowded
and the lively and excitable pit tites kept up
a continuous hi hiing, enlivened occasionally by               
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