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Text for Page 241 [02-10-1863]

                    Loafing and Labor.
knew more.   The young fellows told me that
Keene Richards, a colonel in the Confederate
service, on Breckinridge�s staff, was actual-
ly in the St Charles Hotel for three or four
days after Butler�s occupation of it, es-
caping from the city to rejoin the Southern
army.          After cigars, ale, champagne,
brandy and chat, until near midnight, I
left Harris�s, returned to the St Charles
and to bed.
  11.  Wednesday.   Hither and thither.   With
Howell aboard Farragut�s flag-ship, the
Hartford, being rowed thither by a boatman.
I had seen the plucky Commodore more than
once at the St. Charles.     Returned to it.     The
day spent indiscriminately; at work du-
ring the evening and might, as a mail steam-
er starts for New York tomorrow.     Ripley
with Dennison, Gray and Whittaker in
his room; Hayes and A. G. Hills in mine
in the evening.   Enter also A. C. gorgeous
in a $40 uniform-coat with brass buttons,
upon which he was appropriately chaffed
to an extent which made Hayes� eyes protrude
with amazement.       Down stairs to Howell about
  12.  Thursday.}       1 A. M.  Ripley up in my
room previously.    Abed about 2.     Break-
fast at the Southern Restaurant, then to               
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