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Text for Page 030 [02-11-1852]

              slight pugilistic ementes, which however were
in some measure checked by an a sticked indi-
vidual who paced to and fro, and occasionally
excercised his weapon over the head of some ob-
streporous Newsboy.   He was perfectly acquainted
with them evidently, condescended to pass a remark
now and then, but unbending in the fulfillment
of his Office.      Presently uprose the curtain, and
the �Lady of Lyons� was proceeded with.   That
always is and will be a popular play, all passion
and sentiment, with a dash of clap trap in the
�Nature�s nobleman� way, (whereat always 
the most rascally looking varlets among the audience
applaud.)     Goodall played Claud Melmotte
stagely well.     After came the farce �Perfection,�
whereon Lotty appeared, previous to which the man
with the stick walked round amid the boys and
bade them greet her, saying she was a sister               
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