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Text for Page 031 [02-11-1852]

              of Goodalls.          She will make an average
actress, that�s all.  Was applauded and her
songs encored.       She played in the concluding
piece also, before the conclusion of which we
left, having sat during the last half-hour on
a perfect hurricane of pea nuts.       It is
a coarse ambition the desire for such applause as
the gross breath of a theatre audience.    To be
canvassed and criticized, your name handled as
a Mob�s plaything, � bah!   But the wilful
little fool is well fitted for the career she hath
embarked in.   All the stage bickerings, and 
bustle, new faces &c will she plunge into with
fitting avidity .    After all the alloy out balances
by far the sterling metal in her composition.
  12.  Thursday.  Wrote for Strong &c    Took it
down, called at Reveille Office, Lockington�s,
and having heard that Richardson had returned               
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