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              [Gunn�s handwriting]

[newspaper clipping]
  Mr. George Boweryem, whose death has just
been announced was formerly a correspondent of THE
TRIBUNE at Charleston, and subsequently of The Phila-
delphia Press, with the Army of the Potomac.  He had
previously been connected with several of the leading
journals of New-York and Philadelphia.  He was born
in England, on the banks of the Avon, and came to this
country about 10 years ago, being at the time of his
death about 33 years of age.  He had been sick with
camp fever for several weeks, and had relapsed into a
state of extreme weakness.  Proceedings to Philadelphia
on his return he became delirious and in that condition
he walked off the steamer near Newport News and was
drowned.  As a writer Mr. Boweryem was clear, forci-
ble and elegant, and had his life been spared he would
have become more widely known.  A composer also, he
had published melodies of considerable merit and pur-
pose.  Independent, conscientious and honorable, he
was a man to be respected as much for his private
character as his literary ability, and his loyalty to his
adopted county was uncompromising and earnest.  He
leaves a wife and family to lament his loss.               
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