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              [newspaper clipping]
  Ben. Butler tells this story of a war incident
while he was in command at New Orleans:  A
colonel up in the Red River region made applica-
tion for a furlough, which was refused him.
Soon after the colonel left his command without
permission, and went to New Orleans, where he
was arrested and put in irons as a deserter.
Upon an intimation that he wished to make an
explanation Butler had him brought to his head-
quarters.  �Well, sir,� said the General, sternly,
�what have you to say in the explanation of your
conduct?�  �Well, General, there are two Jews
up yonder who have some cotton they want to
get through my lines.  First they offered me
$500, which I refused.  They they offered me
$1,000 to let them take it through the lines.  Then
$5,000, and $25,000, and at last they offered a
hundred thousand; and I tell you, General, they
were getting so near my figures I thought I�d 
better leave.�               
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