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Text for Page 032 [02-12-1852]

              called at his place over Gurneys, in Broad-
way.   There I found him, in company with the
little dog, at work on an oil picture of
Niagara, during Winter.    The room, (or
rather two, being at angles one with the other
was crowded with old pictures, frames, prints and
the light, all jumbled together, by the stove, out
on the open floor was a heap of ashes, partly covering
it up.   Talked for a couple of hours with
him about the Niagara trip.   He had left
them at Buffalo, thence intending to proceed to
Cleveland.  They had looked for me to join them
Left,  called at the office whereat Scoville,
whilome Editor of the Picayune, intendeth to start
a �Pick� on his own hook, there saw him
got blocks.     In doors rest of the day    I
think, partly reading.               
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