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Text for Page 005 [01-01-1863]

              January 1863.
  1.  Thursday.   Upraising early 
and limited ablutions � three per-
sons to one basin and half a gallon 
of water.   B. Hills off to gun-boat. 
Breed and I down-stairs.    Train to
return, starting within half an hour.
A sorry breakfast, served by a slovenly 
negro � landlady present.     Train
waits for us � and gives the returning
Hills time to fetch his carpet-bag.
Off.  A sunny, clear day.     Felt 
very much out of sorts, tied out &
tormented with ear-pain.    Got to 
Algiers by 3.  Tramped to ferry &
through New Orleans streets to the
St. Charles.    Saw Schell & others.
With B. Hills & Schell to Southern restau-
rant, then back to hotel, here I
went incontinently to bed, tired 
and sick all over.
  2.  Friday.   Loafing, hither and               
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