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Text for Page 006 [01-02-1863]

              thither, indoors and out.  At 4,
dined at Gen. Hamilton�s.  Major
Harai Robinson, Shaw, H. Hills, Alexan-
der & others there, not the General.
One Hayne an Irish-faced ex-Ala-
bamian and recent Texan loyalist,
distinguished himself by talking just
the reverse of his asserted principles.
Discussion as to how war ought to 
be prosecuted.   Almost a row.  Back
to hotel, with H. Hills, Shaw
and Leland or Alexander following.
Loafing about hotel.    In the evening
I am introduced by Hamilton to
one Johnstone, claiming to be of the
Phila. Enquirer.    Rashly, I introduce
him to others.     Rumor of the return
of Burt with news of a big disaster
at Galveston, Texas.   It resolves it-
self into telegram from Burt, from
down the river to Gen. Banks.  In
the evening* up in H. Hills� room, with
him, Alexander, another and pre-               
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