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Text for Page 007 [01-02-1863]

              sently Shaw.    Whiskey-skins (in
little pitchers) ad libitum.    Left the
party at midnight.
  3.  Saturday.   Out with 
Schell and Johnstone, to Adam�s Ex
press, Custom-House street and
the Post Office.   Left �em, severally, re-
turned, went on meander, got hair cut
at little Spanish barber�s during heavy
shower of rain, looked into British 
Consulate (to ask after Bunch of Char-
leston) then returned to San Carlos.
Diaristic scribbling.      Non mi re-
cordo as to rest of the afternoon.   In
the evening loafing in hall, until
an* invitation from H. Hills trans-
ported me to his room and what
is erroneously put down to the credit 
of yesterday evening, the details of
which I have forgotten.
  4.  Sunday.   More rumors about
Burt, who has returned.       At 10,
went up to Gen. Hamilton�s to find               
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