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Text for Page 009 [01-05-1863]

              5.  Monday.   In doors all
day writing with Schell � hard
at work.       The nuisance John-
stone in our room.     Burt up again,
whom Johnstone actually wanted to
dictate his account of the explosion
and burning of the Westfield
to him, literally.   (Yesternight he,
Howell & Hayes had got Cozzens
story.)      Revolted against Johnstone�s
surveying his head in my light.   Names
of persons on board the M. A. Board-
man copied ^|from my record| by B. Hills and John-
stone.        Went out for a meal, 
on my return from which Schell & I
expelled Johnstone, with as much ci-
vility and as little as was necessary.
  At work steadily until past 3 4 on
  6.  Tuesday.}       the next morning.
Three hours sleep then scribbling again.
Enter Johnstone the offensive with a
story that the Mary A. Boardman
will sail or New York at noon.  Great               
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