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Text for Page 010 [01-06-1863]

              excitement in consequence.  B. Hills
off, Schell off, I off.         Hurriedly
down to the levee and the vessel.  Then
she lay quiet enough, all the reporters
on board, including H. Hills and
Schell.    All a mistake on the part
of Johnstone � general repudiation of
him and his protestations.    A council.
Disposition of forces � Howell to go
to Algiers, to inquire about vessel, said
to be coaling, Hayes and I to visit quar-
termasters, the two Hills to board
the Clifton, where they expected to get
lists of killed & wounded and addition-
al particulars.      Desire of Johnstone to
accompany first Howell, then Hayes
and myself.   His blatherskite talk.
I tell him we want to be alone and
will be, bid him take his at once, and
we�ll go t�ther.   He does so.    Hayes
& I go, first to Butler�s ex-house,
then to Lafayette Square, to the quar-
termasters.    Back, with our news,               
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