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Text for Page 011 [01-06-1863]

              that the Mississippi will go to-night.
Met by the way our Captain on the
Gulf Railroad.   His story about Hamil-
tons scare on the occasion of his last
Sunday� night�s visit to Knapp�s plan-
tation.      The Captain slept with Ham-
ilton, that night, when Knapp put a
double-barrelled gun at their bed-head,
to protect them in case of an uprising
of negroes!    Hamilton�s previous ac-
count of it, to me.          At the Mary
A. Boardman again.         All the fel-
lows back and at work scribbling on
the narration of the Cumbria, obtained
by the two Hills.    Schell had gone
off, easily, before, leaving his drawings
with me.        The rest through by four.
Then leaving B. Hills, Hayes and the 
offensive Johnstone, H. Hills, Howell
and I went back to the Quartermaster�s
and subsequently for a 3 mile
walk up the river side, to where the 
Mississippi lay, next to the North               
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