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Text for Page 033 [02-13-1852]

              13. Friday.   Drawing all day,  Rebusses
for Reveille and things for Scoville.  Out
to Shelleys with Waud for a stew on the
Evening, and to Swinton and Fays, when I
got a proof of Columbus &c.
  14.  Saturday.  To Scoville�s.  Got $1,50.
To Reveille, and then to the Lantern Office
where presently in came Woodward, �  talked
awhile with him, then in came others,  Caroll,
Brougham, Foster and the like. General talk,
and the number of the Lantern being brought in, talk
of it.  Left about 3, met Lockington and Alf,
called at Hutchings; met Joe, and walked back
to Franklin Street.    At 4 returned to Lantern
Office, as invited, and to Windust�s where I
found Woodward, Brougham and some 6 or 8
more.   Introduction, converse &c, then had
dinner, afterwards general toddying and fumigation.               
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