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Text for Page 013 [01-06-1863]

              prospective miscarriage of packages.
  B. Hills & Schell dispatched by
coach to rescue them and put them in
the hands of purser.      Howell & I
adjourn to H. Hills room and whiskey
skins, tired, a little apprehensive
about packages, but hopeful.  In
half-an-hour up came Hayes, who
accompanied B. Hills and Schell.
He tells us that Dyer has been
arrested, bag and baggage included!
General storm of rage.    Resolution,
Howell & H. Hills determine to
go on board and rewrite the whole of
their prodigious accounts, while I, utter-
ly used-up, must return to New York,
& write all the way.  Enter Schell, who confirms Hayes.  Into room,
hastily putting up traps, descent to
rotunda, where we assembled round
Mc Clure.     Schell and B. Hills,
with McClure exhort us to temporary
peace, saying that Gen. Banks has
promised to restore packages.  Grud-               
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