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Text for Page 014 [01-06-1863]

              gingly we assent.   Then the story
explodes as a prodigious Sell!!!
It is celebrated by whiskey-skins
up till midnight, only H. Hills slight
ly resenting it.   Then we retire to
our very-much need slumber.
  7.  Wednesday.   Abed till 11.  News
of Howell going off to Baton. Rouge
Hamilton up.       He has left the
Times account to Cozzens and �written
an editorial.�     Gets his news rather
as a gentleman than as a reporter.
His extraordinary Galveston (?) sket-
ches exhibited on Monday might, drawn
from misconception of Howell�s account
read to him.          Chaff and talk there-
on: Hamilton perspiring in apprehen-
sion about Cozzens� account and his
drawings.   Out for a meal with H.
Hills and Hayes, to cheap place, for
meal.    Left latter there and took
stroll with Hills, to Canal Street.
Small purchases.   Left Hills &               
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