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Text for Page 015 [01-07-1863]

              took a meander about New Orleans.
Returning to St. Charles, found Hayes
who had just achieved a triumph, in
obtaining particulars about the land-
fight at Galveston, from certain per-
sons who entered the cheap restaurant
subsequent to our leaving it, who were
part of their story.      One whiskey skin
in my room; afterwards more in
H. Hills where the two fell to scrib-
bling and I to work till about 3
  8.  Thursday}       next morning.
(B. Hills, by the way had been doing 
the exclusive intelligence, to the other
reporters:) Hamilton, of course, did
nothing.)  To bed; up by 7; then
letter to Green.   Saw Hills & Hayes.
With former to Quartermasters, about
vessels, the Illinois lying at Algiers.
Back to breakfast.    A stroll about
New Orleans on my own hook.  Heard
guns fired celebrating the battle
of New Orleans.     Back to St Char-               
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