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Text for Page 016 [01-08-1863]

              les Street and raw oysters, to hotel
and two hour doze.     Schell in, draw-
ing; anon H. Hills, from Algiers,
whither he had been after the Missi-
sippi, and successfully delivered him-
self of our packages.    Mutual whis-
key-skins.      To Southern Restau-
rant with H. Hills and Schell,
then with former to Varieties theatre,
where we saw the termination
of a monstrously absurd drama on
the French Revolution, and Broug-
hams �Pocahontas,� pretty well done.
Hayes, Bogert & Cozzens were there.
Anon to hotel, finding Shaw talking
with Hamilton.
  9.  Friday.   Abed till 11 �.  Entrance
of H. Hills.  Going to Baton Rouge.
Breakfast alone, on eggs & oysters.
To Quartermasters.   Got passes up
& down the river for entire quintette.
Saw Bogart at Holabird�s office.
Back; packing up, hurriedly               
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