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Text for Page 018 [01-10-1863]

              on going ashore.   With H. Hills &
Shaw to house opposite the Provost. Mar
shall�s office.           Off alone to the
house of that officer and found him, Capt.
Seamans, in dressing-gown &c.
Told him particulars about Galveston
news.   Invited to dinner with him
at a Mr Kahn, a German, the
owner of the house, who had come up
with us on board the Laurel Hill.
Was previously introduced to a Mr
Mann, who owned a handsome house
adjoining, who resided temporarily,
on the other side of the river, half a
mile up.     He came to Seamans, say-
ing that in case a fight occurred in
his vicinity, he wanted to move,
so that his presence
and that of his ho family in his
house might not intervene with the 
Essex�s throwing shells in that di-
rection.  Seamans reassured him &
he left, before dinner.          After               
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