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Text for Page 019 [01-10-1863]

              the meal, a bottle of champagne and
cigars, Capt S. assigned to me the
house of Mann as quarters, which I
incontinently visited, finding it a big
roomy one, containing plenty of mat-
trasses and some furniture.          Then
to the house fronting the Provost Mar-
shal�s office where I found Howell.
Anon Hills and Shaw came and Lieut.
O�Gorman, the young Irishman, who
had been about to arrest me, on quitting
the Laurel Hill.         Drinks and talks.
Supper with a little military crowd,
anon in parlor.   Then to the �minstrel�
entertainment, given by negroes, offi-
cer�s servants, and excellently well-
done, especially as regards a �Robert
Ridley� performance.    With Shaw, Hills
Howell & O�Gorman back again to
house opposite the Provost Marshal�s
Office.   Drinks, then with Howell to
my quarters.         The lower rooms, or
two of them locked up, so we proceed-               
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