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Text for Page 020 [01-10-1863]

              ed to the upper and there, in a front
chamber, on a double bed, with a couple
of mattresses beneath us and two
coverlets above slept soundly through-
out the night.
  11.  Sunday.  Somebody moving a-
bout below, early, which subsequently
proved to be Mann, whom the negroes
supposed I had slept with: He did
not pass the night in the house, but
was about within it early.    Breakfast
provided by negress, his slave, who
served us in her little room.      I had 
seen her yesterday.   While we sat par-
taking the meal there entered a young 
fellow, a lad of perhaps eighteen, 
who addressed the negress and answer-
ed me when spoken to.        He was 
the son of our involuntary landlord, 
his name Nat, and, as I learnt sub-
sequently, he had run away from 
school to join the Confederate Army, 
but been brought back by his fa-               
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