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Text for Page 022 [01-11-1863]

              vociferations of negro-preacher in 
little church opposite, previously sket-
ched by Howell.      News by negroes 
of an alarm, the troops to turn out. 
We did so, too.    A story that the
Confederates intended to make a feint of 
attacking the one regiment on the other 
side of the river and, at night, to as-
sault in earnest on this from the in-
terior.        A quartette ramble all
about.   To the Garrison, at the upper
berge of the town, where were the 41st
Mass encamped.     All the soldiers had
been turned out; they were under arms, 
had got 30 rounds of cartridges; and,
behind a long mound bordering
the camp; they were �going through the
motions� of repelling attack, Col. Chicker-
ing on a little hill, dotted with grave
stones & funeral monuments, directing
the attack.    The men mostly levelled
their pieces about three yards above
the heads of imaginary enemies.               
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