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Text for Page 024 [01-11-1863]

              wake us up to witness an attack on
the part of the enemy.  Howell didn�t
take off his breeches, but I did, and
the rest of my outer garments, and slept
pretty soundly.   Only a legion of cocks
crowed towards morning.
  12.  Monday.   Uprising and break-
fast.    Then out with Howell,
to the river side, and on board first the Empire Parish, came up last night, then the 
ing Light, which was going to cross the
river to fetch back the regiment there
sojourning. We found Shaw in the 
saloon, who intended returning to New
Orleans by the boat, and we stayed 
on board, working until she got back
to Baton Rouge.    Then all three went
to our house to lunch, and Shaw, relying 
on the Celtic O�Gorman to send him word
when the Morning Light was veritably
to start, of course got left behind.   He
made the best of it, however.     At 3 o�
clock comes a Col. Currie of the               
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