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Text for Page 025 [01-12-1863]

              133rd N.Y. an acquaintance of Hills.
He is an Englishman, has seen service
in the Crimea, travelled in Europe,
came to the U. S. about a year ago,
was in the peninsula, knows Mc Clel-
lan, believes in him, in flogging in the 
army, thinks the Confederates won�t be
licked [words crossed out] but is generally
a good sort of fellow.    He dined
with us.   Anon the three of us accom-
panied him to his camp, at no great
distance, in the field to the right of
the Penitentiary.     Whiskey and mar-
tial disquisitions � talk of the mis-
arrangement of the camps, Billy
Wilson and things in general.  Col.
came back with us and we talked
over the peninsula campaign and
limited hot whiskey and water, the lat-
ter sweetened with brown sugar and
drank in lager-beer mugs.         Abed
by about 12, and this time without
any expectation of untimely uprising.               
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