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Text for Page 027 [01-13-1863]

              little jug full of whiskey, which was 
solemnly mixed and shared, with 
many asseverations that did the great O 
appear, he should be too late to share 
it.     No sooner had it disappeared but 
the offender came, with him a Captain 
Merrill, employed as detective at New 
Orleans and elsewhere, and two other 
persons of the sutler order, who brought 
with them 3 bottles of whiskey, 2 of 
some kinds of bitters, about 3 dozen eggs
and a big bottle of pickled gherkins!   Gen-
eral introduction and felicitations.  
Egg-nogg voted for and the 
materials committed to the negroes; in 
the meanwhile whiskey straight.     O�Gor-
man was very considerably drunk on 
his arrival and for twenty minutes
did all the talking, singing and gesti-
culating for the party, rather to our an-
noyance.   Merrill presently recited
Cariline to his banishers, out-ranting 
Forrest, to the general applause.   Pre-               
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