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Text for Page 028 [01-13-1863]

              sently we all adjourning to our dining
room, one of the back-parlors, and 
the egg-nogg.      Here, in order to sup-
press O�Gorman, Shaw and I, back-
ed by the others, made Hills chair-
man, who endeavored and succeeded
in moderating the great O, who was
notwithstanding, exceedingly offensive, in-
terrupting everybody, and in short
almost determined on deserving to be
kicked out, which he might have been
had not his inebriety palliated his con-
duct.    (On meeting him in the after-
noon he had exhibited a big meerschaum 
which he had �found� somewhere, also
a handsome, chased, gold pencil case �
asserting that the latter had been given
to him by a farmer�s daughter, with
whom he had passed the night, outside
the pickets.     He lied, of course.)   Sing-
ing, speeches and recitations in order,
by others did not suffice to suppress               
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