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Text for Page 030 [01-14-1863]

              regiment (the 131st N.Y.).   Here 
in a certain friendly adjutant, I was
recognized by and recognized a good-
looking ex-Philadelphian actor, 
named Bradley, whom I met first 
while crossing on the ferry from Wash-
ington to Alexandria, and again in
the steamer that brought the wounded
Gen. Howard from the White House
to Old Point Comfort.   Talk with him, 
a bit of a walk to see the disposition 
of camps & trenches.   His regiment 
immediately behind Col Currie�s �
the 133rd N.Y.     A bit of a rain-
storm.     Back to tent, then into the 
adjoining one, occupied by a jolly Major 
Day � related to the great India-
Rubber case.     After drinks and talk, 
back to house, bearing a N.Y. Herald 
of Dec. 29th, containing Hills� ac-
count of the voyage of the Banks ex-
pedition and the taking of Baton               
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