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Text for Page 031 [01-14-1863]

              Rouge.        News that Gen. Augur 
and staff had just arrived, by the 
Eastern Light, which was to return 
to New Orleans immediately.    So How-
ell and I hurried down to the levee
through the rain, hardly faster how-
ever than Shaw or Hills.  All aboard
the steamer, across two others.    Wrote 
a brief letter in cabin, confiding it 
to Shaw for posting.        Then off, leaving
him.    With Howell, back towards house,
meeting Merrill and taking him with
us.    Arrival of Hills: lunch.      Loaf-
ing for an hour or two until the appear-
ance of Bradley.      O�Gorman came
too, afterwards, on search of something 
to drink, finding only bitters.    Happily
he went away soon.    Dinner, Brad-
ley being our guest.     Scribbling du-
ring the evening: rain out of doors.         
Writing letter to my mother.    A
dull night, with wind, which termi-
nated in rain.               
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