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Text for Page 032 [01-15-1863]

              15.  Thursday.   An almost con-
tinuous rain day.    In doors all 
three of us, in Hills� room, scribbling 
or reading.    Writing to Hannah
and reading Lever�s �Davenport Dunn.�  
At about what would have been sun-
set had my sun been visible, went 
with Howell to Gen. Augur�s quarters, 
a handsome house on Third Street, and 
saw him.    He told us that she should-
n�t take command over Gen. Grover, 
until the arrival of Gen. Banks, ex-
pected to-morrow.  Back, reading 
and talking ghostly, then to bed.
  16.  Friday.   A cold frosty morn-
ing, almost worthy of a northern Janu-
ary.      With Howell and Hills to 
the levee, expecting that a steamer 
might start soon for New Orleans 
and desiring to send letters by her.   
Apparently no chance of it.     Back 
and with Howell into store kept 
by old Belgian woman whom we               
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