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Text for Page 033 [01-16-1863]

              visited during our former sojourn at
Baton Rouge.    She inducted us into 
a rear room where there were upwards 
of seven children, very good-humored
and generally strabismic, also a young 
German woman, not uncomely in a 
coarse way.    We came foraging for 
paper, I having purchased some be-
fore at the same place, and obtained
two partially blank books, relicts 
of the State House fire � also two 
tolerably good milk-punches, hospital-
bly pressed upon us by the loquacious
and inquisitive old woman.     Paid 
a visit to the camp of the 1st Metro-
politan and left note for Bradley, 
who had intended to visit us yester
night and been prevented by busi-
ness � sending with his excuse, an
indian-rubber blanket for me.   Then
back to house.       In the evening,
came Capt Merrill and a 
comrade, with an astounding story               
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