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Text for Page 036 [01-19-1863]

              mud met Gen. Grover by his head-
quarters, and had a talk with him.
Called also at newspaper office opposite; then,
alone, into Gen. Grover�s headquarters 
to get newspapers.        Gen. Augur is now
in command.     Story of torpedoes dis-
covered by the Essex, in the river, two
miles below Port Hudson.   To our
house and hardly out again during 
the rest of the day.    Papers from Capt.
Seamans.    A visit in the evening from 
a Lieut. Entwhistle (of Billy Wilson�s 
regiment) and a friend of his.   Story
of the burning of Warrenton, Fla.; the
fight on Santa Rosa Island.      Brad-
ley visited us this morning, bringing with
him three bottles of ale and one of 
A series of complimentary reso-
lutions to Col Turnbull, on his retire-
ment from his regiment, written by Hills
at the regiment of Bradley.        The Pre-
sident�s Proclamation � effect on the
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