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Text for Page 038 [01-21-1863]

              latter.     Returning fell in with my two 
companions, near Augur�s house..   Gen. 
Grover, mounted, and a party of horsemen 
rode up.    With Hills and Howell to
the jail, where we saw an intelligent-
looking young fellow, named Hunter,
son to the late rebel Provost Marshal of 
this place, recently arrested, and his
sister, a rather nice-looking young woman
in black, who had come within our lines
to see or intercede for him.     There were
also, under lock and key, the son of
our landlord, Nat Mann, a companion
of his named Amos Knox, and three
rebel soldiers, one a corporal.    They
had been captured while out scouting
for deserters � as they alleged � being
themselves suspected of the like inten-
tions.       Put a few questions to the
corporal, then returned to quarters.
Scribbling.      Dined, the three of
us, next door, at Seamans� house,
according to invitation, Hills delay-               
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