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Text for Page 039 [01-21-1863]

              ing to come in, in order to finish let-
ter.     His namesake of the Boston Jour-
nal was also present, having come up
with Gen. Banks: we had seen him
at Seaman�s office in the morning.  Af-
ter dinner, most of us strolled down
to levee, from whence I presently re-
turned and got to scribbling, expect-
ing that a steamer � I forget its name
� would start for New Orleans within
an hour or so.     Back, about
sunset, just in time to see it out in the
river, but luckily only moving to another
landing.  Found H. Hills aboard, scrib-
bling as for dear life.     Waited awhile,
then left letter with Captain, to care of
Bulkley, telegraph agent.     Out.     A
new steamer arrived from New Orleans.
Howell & H. Hills boarded her, in
the hope of getting papers.  Returning
in triumvirate, H. Hills (having, as
he suggested, got ahead of us in sending 
his letter off) told Howell and myself               
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