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Text for Page 041 [01-21-1863]

              outset of our occupation of this house
he first declared himself the tenant of
two big rooms, one a bedroom up-
stairs, the other one of the front par-
lors.   Now he shares Howell´┐Żs bed,
uses our room three fourths of the time,
wants to be dictator about meal hours,
and occupies my rocking chair.    Only
when he wants to write does he go to
his own parlor.
  22.  Thursday.   Packing up, cho-
res &c, during the morning. Indoors 
till noon; Hills and Howell out.  Re-
turn of the latter.  An early dinner.
Settlement of mess account and payment 
of negroes.    Both the Hills came,
and dined together.   All to the levee.
Seamans and others there.    In boat 
and to the New Brunswick.     Gen. 
Banks, Strother and others of the 
staff aboard, also Weitzel.     Put my baggage 
in that tenanted by B. Hills and Weit-               
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