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The Vault at PfaffsAn Archive of Art and Literature by the Bohemians of Antebellum New York
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Text for Page 036 [02-16-1852]

              16. Monday. Down town.  Lantern
Office, saw Woodward.   Picayune Office.
Got block from Hutchings.      To Spottiswoodes
Got two parcels, from England.  To Strongs
To Lockingtons.  Met Holbrook there.  To
Swinton and Fay�s awhile.  Opened one
parcel and Alf got his letters.   To Franklin
Street.         Overhauling parcels.   Letters from
all at home, from Naomi, Rosa, Sam
and my mother.  God bless them all.  A
letter from Will Waud.   Volumes from
Whitelaw, Leigh Hunt�s Autobiography.
Drawings from Boutcher &c.      Read
and drew the rest of the day.   Alf with
me all the Evening.          I must write to
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