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Text for Page 045 [01-26-1863]

              and inserted advertisement, then
to Post Office.   A ramble.  Dozing
in afternoon.        A stroll with Howell
in the evening.
  27.  Tuesday.   A chilly, rainy, 
dreary day.   Met the fellows in the
rotunda below.  The objectionable 
Johnstone in the sitting room, scrib-
bling.  (Mem.  Items about his
attempts at borrowing and sponging
from Hayes, B. Hills, and Schell.
Scoring up diary in very cold room
nab, the wind moaning drearily, and 
the small flag on the British Consula-
tate, opposite my window, blowing 
fitfully to and fro, to all points of 
the compass.     In the afternoon 
was told that a Mr Baker waited
to see me in rotunda.  With him.
Drinks, talk, supper.     Out for a
stroll.    His story of New Orleans
in ante-Secession times & during
them.   The British residents, their               
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