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Text for Page 046 [01-27-1863]

              consuls and proclivities.   Former
prosperity of New Orleans � loose-
ness of money and living.   Story of
Butler�s [nile?] and the hanging of
Mumford.  To �Cotton Plant� � kept
by Londoner.    The guests � card-play-
ing; majority British.        Talk �
toasts �Here�s to the man who
can jump stone walls!� De-
parture.   Towards French quarter
into gambling-house, never
closed night or day.  The frequent-
ters.    The Game of Bacarot.  Faro.
A stroll.       Return to �Cotton plant�
on Carondelet Street.    Slack there.
Talk with him about Jamaica, Ber-
muda &c.   Back to hotel; parted
with Baker.
  {28.  Wednesday.  A walk (morning) to see city with Ripley.  One of these
  29.  Thursday.}       days went with
Schell & Hayes to see crevasse, on 
the gulf rail-road.     Arrival after
train had gone.       Capt Sawyer �               
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