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Text for Page 049 [02-01-1863]

              Back and to work.   At it till
about 3 o�clock in the morning of
  2.  Monday}       the diary of 
the escaped sergeant.  Then to bed 
for 3 hours.   Up by 6.    With
Schell and B. Hills to Pont-
Chartrain Rail-Road, thence on
Flag of Truce boat to Dixie.   Slack,
Hamilton Ripley Capt Mc Clure of the
party.    The pretty Mrs Harris � 
Dixie.      Heavy rain storm and wind
returning � frail boat creaking.       At
Hickock�s.     Set out to walk back
on shell road with Ripley & Schell.
(Row of the former on the steam-boat
with a �son-in-law of P. T. Bar-
num!)       Mrs Harris & lady-friend
in carriage.   Vehicle stopped, took
us in.      To Southern restaurant with
Ripley; a big feed � then to hotel.
A whiskey-skin and bed.  Dog tired.
  3.  Tuesday.   Resting.    Break
fast at Wibel�s. To the Delta Office,               
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