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Text for Page 050 [02-03-1863]

              and other loafing anent which 
non mi recordo.
  4.  Wednesday.   Ripley up.   
To levee � cold, raw morning �
and boarded Honduras � nothing
worth going for.       Back to Ripley.     
At work hard and hurriedly till 
3 P. M. then with Ripley to Em-
pire City, which was expected to start
at 4.       Finishing matters in cabin 
amid crowd.    Ripley off � Schell came.
With him awhile, then off to Southern
Restaurant by the windy, stormy le-
vee, the river swollen, tossing and 
turbid.      Up in B. Hills room 
in the evening, where was a fire,
dictating to and helping him in his
letter.    Visitors and whiskey-
  5.  Thursday.   Loafing in va-
rious ways.   At the Delta office, 
Wilbel�s, the Southern, the St Charles.               
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