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Text for Page 051 [02-05-1863]

              Writing at night to Gray.     In 
B. Hills room.  Naval party there.
Ripley up.     In my room.   Work.    
Schell and B. Hills return from Gen.
Banks� headquarters, bringing me
letters, from my mother, Haney & 
Boweryem.      (Death of Grace, Mort.
Thomson�s wife � poor Grace!)  Reading
&c till 1 or 2.
  6.  Friday.   Up not too early �
Ripley, Schell & B. Hills in, consecutive-
ly.     Down stairs, in rotunda.       
Expectations of a movement.  Gen.
Weitzel, Augur and others.    With 
Ripley to the Post Office � got papers.   
Back.   With Crane to the Sanitary 
Commission Warehouse.  Back to his
room..   In my own.    In Hamilton�s.      
Below.   In rotunda.    In parlor
with Ripley & Schell.   Dined at 
St Charles. Campbell & Ripley.
Loafing.   In Hayes� room with him
and Schell, all scribbling new.  A very               
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