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Text for Page 052 [02-06-1863]

              cold day.
  7.  Saturday.   Out to the Cus-
tom house to see Dennison.  Back 
to rotunda of S. C. meeting Ripley 
there.    Hamilton, at table, sketching 
to the admiration of newsboys.  B. Hills 
in and out.  Hither and thither all
day.      Not till evening before I got 
fairly to work and kept at it till 
about 2 next morning.       Occasional
visits to Ripley down stairs.  Hayes 
in his room scribbling, B. Hills in 
his.      Baker up, & found him 
awaiting me in Ripley�s room, du
ring the afternoon.     In my room
subsequently.    General expecta-
tion of movement of Weitzels up the 
Teche country.        
  8.  Sunday.   Baker up by 11.  
With him to Schell�s room and pre-
sently out together.   (Schell�s draft
on F. Leslie for $100 on Adams, the               
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