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Text for Page 053 [02-08-1863]

              Express Co, has been returned to him, pro-
tested.)     To a German restaurant 
for breakfast.     Then to Canal Street
where Schell left us.   A car ride to-
wards the lake.      Morning sunny, warm
and deliciously bright and pleasant.     
A level shell road through the swamp, 
dotted with the roots of trees.  Cemeter-
ies.  Occasional �Yankee� soldiers ma-
king holiday.      Out at a tavern.  Milk
punches, cigars and talk.       The adja-
cent �Union� race course and the story
of its proprietor who objected to changing
its name to that of Confederate.       Its
condition � fences all gone, used by
soldiers to floor their tents &c.    Back 
by another railroad.     Waiting in the
car.   Fellow passengers, a Frenchman, 
three children and an Irish bonne, 
principally engrossed in attending on 
a chubby litte girl of three who talked
French with all the fluency of the Bou-
lougne or Calais children remarked on               
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