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Text for Page 054 [02-08-1863]

              by Addison.    After a consultation 
between the bonne and father the former 
conveyed the little girl to the roadside, 
fronting the gate of the cemetery, and 
standing discreetly before her, allowed
the child to perform her innocent little
��� ! subsequently readjusting her dress
and bringing her back to the car.       It
was an eminently French proceeding.
Enter three red-breeched Zouaves � one 
an Irishman � who finding they have 
got into the wrong car, got out again.      
Off.   In twenty minutes a change 
of cars.   Lots of children, a vixenish
evil-faced woman with a chubby 
boy and a slave-girl, with a
baby, both so white that nowhere but in 
a slave state would their condition be 
recognisable.    Also a mulatto girl and
a young fellow, half Indian, half negro
, wearing a U. S. military cap.     To 
Canal Street.     Oysters, raw, at Sam�s,               
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