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Text for Page 055 [02-08-1863]

              then with Baker to his residence
in Felicity Street, some little distance 
up town.     Mrs Baker, an English-
woman who, like her husband, has 
been three years in New Orleans, but 
unlike him wants to return to her
native country, even before he has amas-
sed riches.       Talk.   Visitors.    All
British.     One, a photographer who got
sustained heavy pecuniary losses in 
consequence of his having written a letter 
expressing distrust of the permanence 
of the Southern Confederacy, which was 
duly opened at Memphis and sent back 
to New Orleans.       Another a stationer,
Secession in sympathy, with a pretty little 
girl three years old with whom I be-
came great friends.   Her mother, a 
Virginian, had died three months ago.   
Mrs Baker�s details about New Orleans 
during the blockade.     Going to mar-
ket with a handful of shin-plasters
and returning without being able to buy               
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