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Text for Page 057 [02-09-1863]

              Hayes left.     Whittaker in, and
off with Tracy.  Hamilton came up.
To hotel, met Ripley; got note
from Howell, up the river dated on the 4th � nothing
doing there, then.     Up in Schell�s 
room and in mine, scoring up 
diary.     Afternoon hither and thither.      
Talk of the suppression of the Delta
� the change of editorship.    And going
into the Southern restaurant met B.
Hills at the door, who supping with 
me, stated that he and his New 
York namesake would henceforth 
conduct the Delta.    (The N.Y. Hills
is worthy of his close friendship (?)
with Stedman, resembling him equally
in greed and incontinence.        While
on our journey out, and here, in New
Orleans, A.C. was �lobbying� for a
captaincy on the staff of Gen Hamil-
ton: at Baton Rouge he intrigued
for the editorship of the �Comet�; re-
turned he went in for the Colo-               
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