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Text for Page 058 [02-09-1863]

              nelcy of a negro-regiment; now
he must fain be editor of a
daily paper and the exponent of the
Banks dynasty.      Withal he professed
the utmost zeal for the negro cause.
The other Hills is honester, diffident
of his abilities: A. C. will be the
master spirit.)             Back to hotel.   
In room, Ripleys, or here and 
there, scribbling.    By 9 came the 
two Hills, A. C. bent on overpowering 
me with the knowledge of his new 
position.      Chaffed him on his greed,
which he didn�t like.    Whittaker
in Ripley�s room, below.    Writing.     
With Schell a, Hayes and A. G. 
out for drinks and oysters about
  10.  Tuesday.   Schell brought a
report of the capture of Charleston S.C.
to my bed-side.       Out, to breakfast,
then to Delta Office.          Tracy there               
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